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Re: Vibrasonic Reverb

8/11/1998 6:41 PM
Re: Vibrasonic Reverb
To Mark: The guitar is the shop guitar, a Kramer with stock humbuckers. It's used to test twenty amps a week.  
I have swapped tubes, and replaced some cathode bypass capacitors, checked plate voltages, measured gain with my Scopemeter, and the amp checks out within the 20% tolerance in power, gain etc.  
The speaker is not stock, but I have subbed a Community PA cabinet and a Twin's 4 10's and the amp does not have the GAIN from guitar I would expect. It WILL go to full power if input and Master vol. are at 10.

Richie Zippy: Your resistors may check out... -- 8/11/1998 7:38 PM