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Re: Price for labor, other opinions

7/28/1998 11:55 PM
Re: Price for labor, other opinions
Krusher: The price charged depends on the time involved and the degree of difficulty ("pain in the ass (PIA) factor") as one of the other posts noted. If it took much effort to diagnose the problem then the charge was justified. One question that I have is whether or not you authorized the bias adjustment and what part of the charges this represents. If the bias adjustment did not cause the "gritchy crackle" and you did not give the repairman blanket authorization - such as "fix it, I don't care what it costs", then you are not obligated to pay for the adjustment. I would call a customer before proceeding with a repair that was not discussed in leiu of blanked authorization (and I still call when the repair looks like it will be "expensive").  
For reference, factory warranty rates are form a low of around $27.50/hr for a certain defense contractor that uses left over helicopter blade material for guitar backs to about $36.00/hr. Most of us actually charge by the PIA factor and I often charge far less than shop rate on a job that took me many hours to fix as I learned more about amplifier repair - you have to pay for knowledge one way or another and my customer needn't pay for "on the job" training.  
By the way, how much did he charge for the bias adjustment?  

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