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Re: SV83 vs. EL84

3/12/1999 3:10 PM
Chris Hurley
Re: SV83 vs. EL84
I've used SV83's in both of my AX84 amps for a number of months now.  
Evidently, you must limit the screen voltage to 200v or less on the SV83, where the EL84 can go higher. An amp configured for an SV83 can accept either an SV83 or EL84, with the usual "as needed" bias adjustment.  
The only EL84 I've ever owned is the Sovtek EL84, so I don't have a wide range of products to compare. With that said, the SV83 seemed comparable to an EL84 in the same circuit. Indeed, it was hard for me to tell the difference. SV83's are a good bit less expensive (in quantity) than EL84's, but they are a little harder to find.  
I saw some amp maker actually indicated that they were using SV83/EL84 output tubes, but I don't recall who. If you don't mind limiting the screen voltage, give 'em a try.