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Underground 30

2/9/1999 1:22 AM
Dan Dissault
Underground 30
I recently bought a Bruno Underground 30 head w/reverb. I use a strat a Mesa 4x10 cab w/20 watt speaks and a FullDrive II pedal. First off, I love the dynamics, touch response and shimmery (not harsh) top end. My questions are:  
Is there an effective way to elliminate the very prominant pops that occur when I kick in and out of the FullDrive pedal or A/B box to tuner?  
The "normal" ch. 1 (without reverb) is so dark, it makes my strat sound like an archtop! Is it likely that it could be tweaked? (simple mod?) so it would be brighter?  
I find that I have to "dial the bass control way down" to achieve a good balance with my cab. Is there a "simple mod" that could be done to "tone the fairly intense bass response down a bit"? (without sucking tone, just to help balance)  
Any feedback would greatly be appreciated!  
Dan Dissault

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