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Re: Direct out of an AC30

1/13/1999 7:56 AM
Re: Direct out of an AC30
Anyway, Jim:  
I could sit here all day and sing the praises of various microphones or speakers or whatever, but I think the point is still the same, and most folks will probably agree with me:  
A miked speaker will almost always sound better than an electronically faked facsimile thereof. There is something about the powertube/outputtransformer/speaker/atmosphere combined sound that is very hard to fake. Expertly-designed power-attenuators can help to add some powertube magic at artificially low volumes, but they will almost always add an element of sound that is detectably "fake" sounding, at least compared to the "real thing" (a cranked amp with a mike in front of it).  
As I have stated in previous posts, I am not an amp tech or qualified acoustic engineer, but I do know a good guitar tone when I hear one. Having lived in housing accomodations that have prohibited the use of, say, a cranked Vibrolux, I have tried various methods of recording juicy guitar tones at apartment volumes. Most have been extremely disappointing. Honestly, a Tech21 SansAmp stompbox is likely to produce better tones than the average power-attenuated design.  
I welcome any enligtening disagreements or flames to my non-professional opininons.  

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