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Re: Help identify a marshall

1/12/1999 12:10 PM
Bruce C
Re: Help identify a marshall
Congratulations on your sleuthing! Early '73. That's about as precise as you're gonna get on any old Marshall without an inspection sticker! I was hoping it was a pt-to-pt model, which is generally regarded as more desirable (read: expensive). That's a great, classic amp. As Doyle and others have pointed out, the early metal-panel Marshalls are very close in construction and tone to the late plexi models, but can be had for a lot less $$ because of the "snob appeal" of the plexi's.  
As far as the tubes go, I would recommend checking out Sovtek EL34WXT's, if you think it needs new tubes. Also, it might be a good idea to do a general service on it (check the bias and replace bad parts), but if it sounds good, I say don't mess with it.  
Have fun! Bruce