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Bruno Underground 30 w/reverb

12/27/1998 9:30 PM
Dan Dissault
Bruno Underground 30 w/reverb
What a great site!  
Although I am addicted to reading every gear related magazine that I can get my hands on, I have limited technical knowledge and would appreciate some feedback on the following:  
I play a very nice but bright sounding custom strat. (primaritly blues/rock/funk) I have tried dozens of amps and very often I find that when I strike the strings with any authority, it can get brittle or harsh sounding.  
(example: my last amp (4x10 tweed Blues DeVille) Recently, I tried my buddy's Bruno Underground 30 head w/reverb. Wow! I've heard it with 12's and 10's and I get tons of upper end clarity, shimmer, note and string articulation with absolutely no brittle harshness. Why I ask, is this the case? Is it because it's class A? Is it a characteristic of EL84's? Is it the tube rectifier? Or a combination? Opinions? Thanks!  

SpeedRacer Dan: The Underground 30 is just a w... -- 12/31/1998 11:24 AM