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Re: Output trans. question

11/9/1998 5:17 PM
Re: Output trans. question
I was thinking the same ything when looking at an old stereo we have at home that uses one EL-84 into each channel with it's own OT. Inspired by the new lexicon 284 amp I was looking at building a low wattage stereo amp but thought it would be nice to hook a 10" speaker so I could have a small practice combo to compared to the lexicon rackmount. I tought of doing like one of the tone king models, two seperate OT's paralled to th speaker. The question came to me though that Tone King uses push-pull pairs with seperate OT's, I my case I would be dealing with two single-ended units... I still at the mental concept stage for my project, but I know that two seperate OT's wired in paralelle at the speakers are used in at least one production amp... the Tone-King even allows you to disconnect one of the push-pull pairs at the grid, giving instant power reduction and extra distortion...