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Re: Gerald Weber's Books

10/28/1998 9:01 AM
mark norwine
Re: Gerald Weber's Books
i've not yet read mr. o'connor's book[s?]. therefore can't really comment one way or the other.  
i've not bought his book [the one which i've heard of] for a perhaps unfair reason:  
i'm told that the text suggests using 6V6 tubes in a twin reverb. while i've not seen this in print firsthand, my attitude [perhaps unfairly biased] is "oh, great...another book full of "factoids." putting 6V6's in a twin reverb is an unspeakablly stupid thing to do.  
as i said, this may be unfair, but as an ee with 20 years under the hood of amps, i don't feel like im really missing much by not having it. i buy most of the books i do solely for the schamatics, and between weber, pitman & funk, i'm pretty well covered.

Mike D. O'Connor's books -- 10/28/1998 11:59 AM