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Re: Mesa Blueangel -- Cathode Bias??

5/1/1998 9:05 AM
Leo Bacarella
Re: Mesa Blueangel -- Cathode Bias??
I talked to a tech at Mesa a couple of years ago when I was considering buying a Blue Angel and he said that the amp is fixed bias. It's not cathode biased, and the bias is set at the factory and not adjustable, which means that for best performance you will need to keep tubes that meet the specs of the originals, etc.  
The guy said that he would talk me through adding a cathode bias to the amp but with the different tube configurations, that's not quite as easy a task. There are also two different rectifiers. I think a solid state for the preamp and a tube for the power amp section.  
For a hand wired, point to point, class A amp, I own a Dr. Z Prescription, 4x EL84s, cathode biased, class A, a cathode follower circuit before the tone stack, ala Marshall or Vox (but with a Mid control). A 5AR4 tube rectifier. The amp has a character of it's own. It doesn't sound like every other amp on the block. Very well made and the amp sings.  
I'm checking out Top Hat amps on the net. They look interesting and there's a dealer in my area. They use the word Vox a lot in the literature.  
I've played through one Blue Angel at a store about a year ago...  
I guess I've said a lot more than you probably wanted. Good luck.  
Leo Bacarella  
Murfreesboro, TN

anonymous Leo:Thanks for the info. -- 5/1/1998 9:22 AM