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Re: Overdrive 101

1/22/1998 12:20 PM
Mike T
Re: Overdrive 101
I like to use a small amp and make it work. If I need more volume, I'll use more small amps. I have a Fender Pro Jr, a modified Princeton, and a modified '66 Bassman in a 1X12" combo cab. I rarely use the Bassman...It's not really working till at least 5 or 6, and that is too loud for most of the places I play. And I'm not a quiet player.....There are some real nice 15 or 20 watt small amps out there that I would get if I could. HiWatt, Vox, Boogie, Matchless....pricey, but fine..(2) EL84 or 6V6 amps that are more than adequate for most regular gigs. My Fender Pro Jr was decent right out of the box and a lot cheaper than those I mentioned earlier, but I added a DR OT, a Celestion 50 Watt 10",a few bypass caps on the gain stage rKs and a few other things and now it sounds great to me. And it's usually enough, although tomorrow I'm gonna add to the stage mix my newest mutant creation...a SF Champ w/(2)6V6s, cathodyne PI, 500k cathode bias, SS rectifier and an 8" 35 watt Celestion. Its not real loud, but it sounds good because it has to really work in order to be heard, and combined with the Pro Jr it will be more than adequate, with no overdrive pedals. And both amps will be working...hard.... that kind of sound is unmistakable, and I don't care what pedal you use, nothing I've ever seen sounds or feels like a real amp. Of course if you're into death metal or something, you'll need a few stacks. But otherwise, for playing everyday workingman's blues gigs, just get a smaller amp and make it work. Play it on 6 or 7 and control it from your guitar. A decent amp will give you plenty of clean headroom, and the power is always there. A Vox AC30 is a great amp, granted. But I'd bet you'd have a lot more fun with an AC15 and maybe a wah wah and a digital flanger/chorus box. And if you wanted to seperate the stereo signal, use 2 small amps and you'll still be able to make the OTs sweat a little without getting thrown out of your band. And, it will take you only 1 trip from your car to the stage, and then you could help your keyboard player with his B3 and 122. Now that is stuff worth carrying. Big guitar amps? Nah. Not for me. Don't need em anymore. I don't know what kind of gigs you do, and of course for big places you'd need more than an AC15. So get 2 or 3, or even 4. Just my humble opinion.....  
P.S. Wanna buy a Bassman?

Bill Thanks for the reply Mike. Along w... -- 1/22/1998 7:42 PM