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Re: Fender Trivia, can't we all just get along?

11/25/1997 8:37 AM
Steve Ahola
Re: Fender Trivia, can't we all just get along?
>I personally play thru a modded bassman, which is >the main reason I dig this site.  
>I do my own mods because I can, I have enough >knowledge to do it.  
I agree with you 100%. While reading your post I got this flash: the Zen masters who played flute didn't go down to Flute Center to buy the latest "hot rod" flute- they made their own instruments and then they'd spend years learning how to express themselves through the flute they made with their own hands.  
For most of us these days, making a guitar and amp from scratch isn't really feasible. With guitars, we'd all have our own microtunings and you could never get your band in tune. While some here have made their amps from scratch, I don't think too many have made their own tubes or wound their own transformers.  
So I figure that the modern day version of the Zen flute masters is those of us here who design or modify our guitars and amps so that they become an extension of ourselves, as we find expression in our music.  
A lot of people posting messages on this board put down their own guitar playing as being less than professional. Well, if you can express yourself in your playing, that is what music is all about- not playing in stadiums, or to drunks in smoke-filled bars. If you can make a living playing guitar- or at least get enough money playing bars to support your family of guitars and amps- so much the better for you... as long as your love of music isn't deadened by the grind of being an entertainer.  
I used to think that my compulsive nature to modify my equipment was like guys hot rodding their cars in the 50's and 60's, but after flashing on the idea of modern Zen flute masters, it really has more to do with self-expression.  
Well, I just used up my quota for philosophical ramblings so I better sign off...  
Steve Ahola

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