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Re: Sovtek Mig 50 and mods

10/28/1997 6:16 PM
Re: Sovtek Mig 50 and mods
Consider this a biased reply if you wish, but... I'd like to clarify some things re: the MIG 50.  
Sorry you had some problems with your used MIG. You may have had an early unit, which I've never seen or been inside, so can't really comment on. I have been inside the current ones.  
The current production pots are stamped MOUSER on the back, and are in fact 1/4 inch shafts.  
As for the transformer.... I dunno. I don't remember any unusual voltages in there. I usually don't measure filament voltage, unless there is some specific problem, but close to 500v on the plates would have really alarmed me, and I don't recall that.  
As I said... maybe they've made some running changes.  
One mod that is decent in them is to change to a cathode bias, but like you said a nice old Fender would probably be a better learing tool. Especially a disfunctional one!  

Doc Charles:Thanks for the info... -- 10/29/1997 12:49 PM