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Re: Transformers/ Speakers

8/30/1997 5:50 AM
R.G.Re: Transformers/ Speakers
Flame? Probably not. Just tiredness.  
I run through a lot of science fiction myself.  
Fiction is all well and good, as long as it's clear that it's fiction.  
People can and do spend sizeable sums of money based on musical myth and "fiction". When people create fiction and then use it to sell things, we call that "fraud".  
In a technical forum, presenting fiction as fact doesn't really serve any useful purpose other than tittilating the author at the expense of the people who are taken in by it. And it does serve as an indicator of the level of emotional maturity of the author.  
The worst kind of fiction is the fiction that someone makes up and then starts to believe themselves. That sort of self delusion is what we mean when we say "Mother Nature waits for you at the end of the assembly line."  
You can hope, wish, and hypothesize anything you like in designing electronics, but when the assembly is done, it will follow real physical law. Not nearly as much fun as fiction.