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Re: The Best 6V6?

5/13/1999 9:59 PM
Bob S
Re: The Best 6V6?
I think you're probably right, and I too have a little stock of NOS 6V6's stuck away for a rainy day. But my point is; Give me most any tube on the market and as long as the voltages are ok I will make any of them sound good. If one is thinner sounding I will fatten up the amp through a voice change in the circuit,etc. So once I find a decent type of tube I stay with it because I get used to it and I know how it's going to react under stress. And in designing new amps I refuse to depend on NOS inventory and pricing. Side note: I talked with Paul at Ruby tubes and he told me that their 6V6's are designed to withstand higher voltages. Anyone know about that?  
Bob S.

Steve A. Bob:5/13/1999 11:46 PM
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