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Re: Any updates on your meters, Bob?

5/13/1999 9:31 PM
Bob S
Re: Any updates on your meters, Bob?
One meter is bad and one is still ok. The good meter is within a volt of his fluke. The amp I'm working on reads about 411 volts on the plate with 6V6's in it. The day we blew up a 6V6 there was 435 volts on the plate.  
When I work on my amps at my place I voltage them through a variac @ 120 volts and I know Bruce has told me he's had as much as 126 volts on tap so that's what probably happened that day.  
As for Wavetek's, I'm sure they're accurate until they get zapped one too many times but so far I've had two out three go bad one way or another, and I'm not a thrasher, but in the middle of deep tweaking I do ask a lot of my meters. I'm not sure at this point they're up to the tasks, so for now I'm hanging loose til I figure out what I'm going to do. Maybe I'll find a high dollar Fluke at some pawn shop for a song and a dance.  
Bob S.

Steve A. Bob:    ... -- 5/13/1999 11:23 PM