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Re: The Best 6V6? poopin Bob

5/10/1999 9:00 AM
Bob S
Re: The Best 6V6? poopin Bob
Do I still have to party Bruce? I'm tired and I want to go home. Sorry I couldn't resist. Don't forget my fine Wavetek meter dc voltage was way off and when we measured the plate voltage it was at 435 volts not the 411 volts I thought. I can't believe they lasted that long. When I've kept reasonable voltages I have'nt had a problem. Now I have to come by because my other Wavetek is reading within one volt of the other one. Both your meters are about 25 volts higher than mine. I'm going to go buy a Fluke and call it a day!!!!!  
Bob S.

Steve A. Any updates on your meters, Bob? -- 5/13/1999 7:58 PM