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Re: The Best 6V6?...opinion

5/9/1999 12:46 PM
Bob S
Re: The Best 6V6?...opinion
I hate to be the party pooper by I've been working on an amp with 6V6's for a couple of months and using Sovtek 6V6's and have had no problems. In fact what nos 6V6's I have I elected to save them while I was pounding the Sovteks. As long as I've kept plate voltage under 410 volts I haven't fried any. I've been using these tubes for about four years and have only lost a half a dozen. I agree that they aren't like they used to be but they will work fine when set-up with enough load (30-35ma.) I have friend with a BFSR and because he had a lot of nos 6L6's he prefers to run them in that amp instead of 6V6's.  
Bob S

Bruce Re: The Best 6V6? poopin Bob -- 5/9/1999 10:40 PM