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Re: Best chassis material? Steel or Alum.

4/21/1999 8:05 AM
Re: Best chassis material? Steel or Alum.
You might save some money and just get a set of metal cutting hole saws. They leave a burred edge, but a set of hole saws can be had for the price of one or two Greenlees. Best used in a drill press, though.  
To clean up the hole edges from any large-size hole maker, split a wooden dowel and slip in a folded strip of sandpaper, then chuck it up in your hand drill. Put the flap in the hole, and run the drill. The flap cleans and de-burrs the hole edges.  
For lighter transformers, aluminum will be OK. Even for heavier transformer, you can get some aluminum L-bracket and cut it to length, then bolt it under the transformer either on top or bottom of the chassis and rivet it to the chassis outside the transformer outline as a stiffener.  
Aluminum will be better for not conducting stray AC magnetic field hum into the circuits. There is no particular advantage of aluminum over steel in preventing RF oscillations. That's more a function of good grounding and good power supply decoupling, with sensible wire routing.