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Re: Best chassis material? Steel or Alum.

4/20/1999 4:56 PM
Ken Gilbert
Re: Best chassis material? Steel or Alum.
"I'm going to use some Tax refund $$$ and get some Greelee punches 1 for 9 pin the other for 8 pin. Can you suggest the appropiate size "
I just thought I'd chime in here and point out that although most 9 pins fit in a 3/4" hole, the ceramic sockets will NOT. All of the ceramics I've use demand a hole of about 7/8".  
Hell, I don't even OWN a 3/4" punch!  
I've also found that pannel mount XLR jacks take a hole a HAIR bigger than 3/4", so they can be handy there too. (Balanced interconnects RULE!)  
As for the octals, I use a 1+1/8. It also comes in handy for LCR can caps. Just be sure when you mount them there's a good 1/4" of air between the chassis and the terminal lugs of those caps!  
Am I the only one who uses all ceramic sockets? They ARE quieter, ya know. You won't find a plastic socket for a mic input stage! Well, unless it was cheap... ;-)  

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