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Re: Best chassis material? Steel or Alum.

4/20/1999 4:44 PM
Re: Best chassis material? Steel or Alum.
Thanks for the post! My idea was to use a 17 X 10 X 2 alum. chassis from Hammond I've seen them for under $25. I was going to us it in a "tube up" Marshall like head. I'm a fairly good metal worker and a damn good woodworker/tolex coverer. I'm going to use some Tax refund $$$ and get some Greelee punches 1 for 9 pin the other for 8 pin. Can you suggest the appropiate size punches? Anyway, this will not be a heavy transformer amp. I've got a Hammond 1608 on hand so I do something pp el84s this would also dictate a lighter weight power xformer. My main concern with the two types was their hum/noise rejection. From your post it would seem that alum. has some advantage in rejecting AC type interference. Does that translate to reduced high freq ossolation? Anyway, a big thanks to you and all who have responed to my rash of questions -- its amazing how much I've learned here at AMPAGE!! RJH

Ken Gilbert q{I'm going to use some Tax refund ... -- 4/20/1999 4:56 PM
R.G. You might save some money and just ... -- 4/21/1999 8:05 AM
J Fletcher 10" is too deep, 8" is mo' better or Alum. -- 4/21/1999 2:08 PM