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Re: Best chassis material? Steel or Alum.

4/20/1999 1:55 PM
Re: Best chassis material? Steel or Alum.
Aluminum is 1/3 the equivalent strength and weight of same-size steel, and 3 times the price. It's *much* easier to work, and is better shielding against radiated E-fields and high frequency M-fields like RFI.  
Steel is far stronger, and harder to work, and is better for shielding from low frequency magnetic fields. It is also ferromagnetic, and can "conduct" AC hum into places it wouldn't otherwise go from the power transformer and choke.  
Which is all round better? Define "better"...  
It mostly depends on your skills and available tools, not the ultimate performance of the chassis. "Best" is probably a congolmerate, steel for the overall chassis and transformer support, and an aluminum section for the input and high gain parts. Not too practical, but better for hum, noise, and shielding.  
I've seen a solid *copper* chassis on an ultra hifi setup, which also used solid teflon circuit boards...

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