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Marshall DYI seems way too brite

4/12/1999 9:22 AM
Marshall DYI seems way too brite
I've built the Marshall Master Vol. preamp and have duplicated the values exactly. It does work, however, it seems way too brite. I know Marshalls are known for being brite but when I turn the drive control up past about 2:00 I start to get some high pitched feedback, and the tones are quite brite and grainy. I've tried both a 33k and 100k as the resistor into the 470pf dual .022 tone stack and the feedback to the driver is a 100k to a 25k pot and .1 cap. tried to keep it the same as the Marshall 50 watt power amp show on this site. Is there a way to reduce the high end and still retain some "feel" with this thing.

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