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Re: Some notes sound "choked" off!!

3/17/1999 10:16 AM
Re: Some notes sound "choked" off!!
It's got a 500pf cap from the first stage 100/1.5k/22uf to a 1m pot with a 100pf across the pot. Pot output to second stage 100k/1.k 22uf then direct into the last stage (no anode res. 100k cathode) out to the tone controls. The plate voltage is around 190vdc on all but the last stage where it is about 110vdc. I've got alot of preamp voltage (380vdc) I'm cutting it back with a 25k 5watt resistor before any of the preamp stages. I'm REAL new to this so any help/thoughts are appreciated!! I'll try the cap suggestion. RJH  
PS Is there an easy way to calculate gain using the Ra and Rk numbers for a 12AX7

Steve A. RJH:    ... -- 3/17/1999 9:08 PM