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Re: 5Y3 rect. in a 6L6 Amp???

3/2/1999 10:33 AM
Re: 5Y3 rect. in a 6L6 Amp???
I am somewhat worried about the heat the OT is a a hammond 1608 @ 10watts !! The damn high household voltage @ 125vac is driving me nuts! I had originally wanted to run 6v6s in the amp thus the 1608 OT. The 6l6s sound great I mainly don't want to roast something! The front end is a tweed type cathode follower, the back end is a fairly standard Fender 2Xtube design. I really don't want to go the zeiner route either, If you guys think that 6l6s will be ok, I'll letem rum. (I've got a 12vdc muffin fan on the way from Mouser, I'll hook it to the 6vdc filiments to run at 1/2 rpm, I think this will keep things cool. BTW @ 460vdc the 6l6 bias current is 26ma. Thanks guys RJH

Doc I agree with Bruce's recommendation... -- 3/2/1999 12:51 PM