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Re: 5Y3 rect. in a 6L6 Amp???

3/2/1999 9:50 AM
Re: 5Y3 rect. in a 6L6 Amp???
You could try a 5V4 too.  
I'd be nervouse running that much current at those voltages through a little 5Y3 tube.  
It might go for quite a while with no damage though.  
But I didn't see where you mentioned what idle current are you running these tubes at.  
I doubt if you could blow a good 6L6GC with 500v at normal correct current levels anyhow.  
Is it the heat you are worried about or are you trying to get it tweaked so you can run a pair of 6V6GTs?  
What capacitor value are you using on the end of the rectifier tube now?  
A real small high voltage one here (.5uF to 2uF) followed by a 100-200 ohm resistor and then a larger value cap, then the lead to the rest of the amp might reduce the voltage to the OT enough to satisfy you.  
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