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Re: 5Y3 rect. in a 6L6 Amp???

3/2/1999 9:18 AM
Re: 5Y3 rect. in a 6L6 Amp???
This is a homebrew amp. I've run a 5ar4 and gotten 475 on the plates (russian 5881s) and now a 5u4 with 460 on the plates same 5881s. I played a gig (4 hours) on sunday with the 5ar4 setup no problems, however, I had a fan blowing on the tubes the whole time, they stayed nice and cool. I've got a Phillips 5y3 I was going to try, I just didn't want to blow something. I'm trying to get a pair of 6l6wxt+ any experence with this tube? If I could get the B+ low enough I'd even try 6V6s in it! RJH

Bruce You could try a 5V4 too.I'd be ... -- 3/2/1999 9:50 AM