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Re: 5Y3 rect. in a 6L6 Amp???

3/2/1999 8:58 AM
Jim S.
Re: 5Y3 rect. in a 6L6 Amp???
Is this a tweed Bassman? If you play the amp at moderate to loud volumes regularly, a 5Y3 probably will wear out fairly quickly. It is not designed to be used in amps that put out 40 or more watts.  
As long as you're not using Chinese 6L6s, you shouldn't have any problems running at 460 plate volts or even higher. Sovtek 5881 and 6L6WXT as well as Svetlana 6L6GC should easily handle 500 volts.

RJH Jim:This is a homebrew amp.... -- 3/2/1999 9:18 AM