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Re: Class A and AB Bias Readings?

2/28/1999 1:17 AM
Mike T
Re: Class A and AB Bias Readings?
I havn't used the Bassman as much as I do my other smaller amps. Only maybe 6 or 7 times a year. But when I do use it, the transformers don't seem to get excessivly hot, and the amp sounds great. So I can't say for sure that it would last forever, but then I wouldn't use this particular setup on a customers amp unless they knew what they wanted and specifically asked for it, and in that case they could probably do the work themselves.  
My style isn't traditional rock or blues. The blues-blues/rock players think I'm a jazz player and the jazz players think I'm a blues player, so needless to say it's hard getting gigs. I think my style falls somewhere in the gray area in between. Although I have a real hard time with bebop and metal, maybe post-bop/hip-hop/blues/rock/fusion is close to where I'd like to take it. And Latin like Samba and Mambo. Actually I like almost anything with a groove that can stand on it's own that I can mix it up with, and I like to improvise. I'm an ensemble player, not a solo act, and have little use for drummers that don't hear the time and just embellish it or melodic and harmonic players that don't listen to whats going on around them and react accordingly to harmonic and dynamic motion. Also I can't stand premadonnas who have to run the show ... they're the worst. BTW I like your anology of drummers. Perfect...  
I had a conversation with Gerald Weber 6 or 7 years ago regarding 6V6 current in a Princeton. He suggested between 28 and 33mA.  
To me, 33 mA sounds much better that 24 on a 6V6. I don't do much with bigger tubes, except for repairs with no modification but I looked at a chart I made awhile back for my Bassman when I built it and on it I had 55mA with 396 real plate volts (427 plate - 31 cathode) using a GZ34 with a 250 ohm rK. So for me, 33 is cold for a 5881. These were direct readings and not calculated.  
PS Have you ever had smoked 6L6 sausage???