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Re: Tweed Deluxe Caps

1/29/1999 3:11 PM
Re: Tweed Deluxe Caps
Re; the question about using Elna Cerafines..  
If you have extra $ to spend they are a good reliable choice... However my experiences have been with Audio amps, where i have had a small improvement with them.  
BUT as I discovered to my chagrin, guitar amps are completely different animals. The main advantage /claim to fame of cerafines is better filtering/smoothing than regular electrolytics in a power supply...  
however Audio amps (of any value) use regulated power supplies, usually individually dedicated ones, so tiny component improvements are palpable. Much to my surprise my Fender's power supply is definitely not regulated, although  
very new to this, I suspect that this is typical for the genre. Also the audio frequencies guitars seem to operate at are within a quite small range.. so to me it seemed silly to use parts with accurate  
frequency responses to 100k when guitars only go to 6 or 7k.  
Personaly, I swallowed my missconceptions  
about "better parts = better sound" and used the regular stuff as recommended by the people here, and am very happy with the results.  
Just my 2 cents