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Re: Bedrock questions (please read)

11/25/1998 6:20 AM
steve k
Re: Bedrock questions (please read)
Just want to add Bedrock had some good  
sounding amps but their quality was not  
consistent from what I've seen. They are  
definitely out of business but someone  
has bought the rights I believe and can't  
remember who. I believe it was another  
amp company... I thought it was another  
local (to me in Mass) Co. so I'll see if I  
can find out...  
I don't remember seeing or reading about  
any class A el84 Bedrock amps before but  
who knows???. But it was probably  
a class ab type like the Peaveys and such.  
So my guess is that you'd be pushing the  
transformers trying to use them in a Vox  
AC30 type amp. These are real power pigs,  
run hot, and need some pretty heavy iron.  
But I'll bet they'd work great for an AB1  
type amp. And sound great and loud!  
Good luck with it,  
steve k

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