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Re: Bedrock questions (please read)

11/24/1998 9:01 AM
Re: Bedrock questions (please read)
I believe most of the Bedrocks were EL34 based but that's to say that they didn't make a EL84 based amp either.  
Bedrocks were made in the New England states and I believe it was actually New Hampshire.  
I've NEVER seen a schematic for these babys and I've been LOOKING because I want to get my hands on one myself!  
I used to live in NH in 1990-1991 and I was at Joe Perry's house on Lake Winipasakee & at the time he was an endorsee of the Bedrock amps. They sounded pretty damn good but I haven't seen one since.  
If I find a phone number I'll let you know!!  

Lee MacMillan I'm pretty sure Bedrock is out of b... -- 11/24/1998 5:24 PM