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Re: 6v6 tubes for tweed deluxe/long reply

11/19/1998 3:05 AM
Re: 6v6 tubes for tweed deluxe/long reply
OK Steve,  
I measured all three Deluxe Reverbs in the shop today.  
Ranging from 1965 to 1976.  
Plus a RI OT that I use in one of my amps.  
The average impedance of the three OTs was.. 6K3.  
So you remembering the 6K6 was pretty close!  
Well, as far as the grid stopper resistors go...  
There is no reason what so ever that I can see why a grid stopper resistor in a guitar amp needs to be more the 1/4 to 1/2 watt!!  
Why he would even mention 5 watts in the same breath is beyond me.  
Are you sure you aren't confusing a screen current limiting resistor with the control grid stopper resistor?  
A good running power tube can try to pull maybe 1/10 the total cathode current through the screen in some instances.  
That could mean, (with high current peaks while you are wailing away wtih that screaming monkey tone you like so much),... the screen might be trying to pull 10ma 20ma before the tube goes into meltdown.  
The screen resistor will limit how much current and how much voltage to the screen buy the voltage drop acorss that resistor when drawing all that current.  
Oh my... that was a mouthfull.  

steve k Bruce,, How did you know I like to ... -- 11/19/1998 12:23 PM