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Re: DIY Cabinet

7/16/1998 3:30 PM
Tony T
Re: DIY Cabinet
I don't know about the 1 x 12 box dimensions because I built a 2 x 12, but just go to the local music store and get some ideas from designs you like the sound of and that use a speaker similar to what you are going to use to get you in the ball park. Plain old off the shelf at your local Do-It-Yourself Center pine boards 1x12s or 1x10s work just fine and you can stain and finish however you like. Just find the straightest, un-cupped and un-checked boards in the pile. I recommend a sealer because pine is soft and will get splotchy and stain unevenly when you stain it if you don't seal it. I used a cherry stain and then 2 or 3 coats of semi-gloss polyurethane lightly sanding in between coats to finish the job off nicely. For the baffle board I used 3/8" birch plywood held by wooden clips on each side. I left the top and bottom unsecured with a small gap so it wouldn't rub when vibrating. This is the floating baffle technique. I stapled some cool looking grill cloth onto another piece of plywood with a speaker clearance hole and attached with 4 velcro pads on the front panel. The rear baffle(s) will take some experimenting for the best sound. Attach with more wooden clips around the perimeter. Or look what others have done. Four feet, a leather handle on top and a speaker output jack and your in business!