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Re: champ - vibro champ

6/23/1998 4:09 PM
Re: champ - vibro champ
On a Vibro Champ, the voltages on the 6V6 are already high enough (possibly too high for Sovtek 6V6), so I wouldn't go with a rectifier tube that has a lower voltage drop than a 5Y3. The suggested substitution might be ok to extract a little more power from an earlier Champ circuit, but not SF Vibro.  
One thing I'd recommend, and have had good results with, is to add a 1k or 1.5k screen resistor in series with the 6V6's screen voltage supply (pin 4). This will save your output tubes. You could also replace the 470 ohm carbon cathode resistor (pin 8) with a 500 ohm/5 watt wirewound unit for good measure.

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