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Re: Fun Stuff!

4/3/1998 12:42 PM
Tony T
Re: Fun Stuff!
You have a notebook full of secret voltages and values of vintage amps. Would you mind sharing some of these values and information with us homebrew tubeheads? Sounds like you've been having a lot of fun! I've also been doing some major dumpster diving and what treasures they've beheld. Old tube based power supplies complete with filament hookups, variable bias connections and a 0-550VDC, 300ma output hookup. Hewlett Packard none the less! Old oscilloscopes, huge benchtop 70's multimeters and a big box full of RCA, Sylvania and Aperex replacement tubes! I'm in heaven. How much for those output transformers? What model speaker did Weber give you and how'd you like it? I hope Whit can figure out what parameters caused that Valco to sound so good. Sorry for all the questions but this stuff it really fun! Thanks in advance.