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Re: Output Transformer for Spitfire

3/20/1998 3:00 PM
Mike B
Re: Output Transformer for Spitfire
You know, sometimes I miss the obvious  
right in front of my face...I'll try the  
speaker cabinet on a different tap. I don't  
have a 4 ohm cab, so I'll have to run the  
8 ohm cab on the 16 ohm tap. A small amount  
of rewiring required, but no big deal.  
This is a Class A amplifier running about  
100ma of bias current. It is possible that  
I'm experiencing a core saturation problem.  
My B+ is also running about 350V - driving those EL84's pretty hard, but they don't  
Anyway, I'll do the experiment tonight and  
see what happens.  
Mike B

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