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Re: speaker wattage vs. amp wattage

11/8/1997 12:40 AM
David Axt
Re: speaker wattage vs. amp wattage
Copied from Weber Vintage Tech Q & A website.  
NOW I am really confused, R.G? Help!  
>>From: Chuck Minahan  
How do I determine the best match, power wise, between amp and speakers? For example, I have a 100 watt SF Twin and want to replace the two 8 Ohm speakers. How do I calculate the wattage ratings needed for each speaker to best match the amp? Also, how do I determine the specifications of the two speakers I have in there now? They are different in appearance and have different model numbers. I'd also like to know if it is OK to mix different types of speakers in the same amp.  
Chuck, normally you would use two speakers of the same power rating. For instance, in your situation, you would use speakers which would be rated at 50 watts minimum. Together, whether they are wired series or parallel, they would handle the 100 watts since the power would be divided evenly between them. Speakers with higher power ratings generally have larger magnets since the wire in the voice coil is a larger diameter, is heavier, and requires a larger magnet to get the magnetic energy required to get the heavier voice coil moving to achieve high frequency response. Low frequency response is also improved............................<<

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