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acoustic 160 tone

10/12/1997 7:24 PM
dave bush
acoustic 160 tone
I bought an old (?) acoustic 160 head this weekend, and though it works, i think it could work better. I have no idea how old it is, but I guess it may be early eighties. It sure looks like its been around.  
It has a springline reverb in it, though this hardly works. What can I do about it? I tried swapping some of the preamp tubes around, and i think some combinations made the reverb a little better (theyre all 12 ax7s, except one, an at7 - which i presume is 'first' - but they must be worn to varying degrees I suppose).  
Also the tone controls hardly seem to do anything, especially the mid control.  
I would welcome any suggestions about these problems, possible improvements or modifications.  
I would also like to know what type of music this type of amp is usually used for, or any trivia at all!