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Re: Which preamp to match 2xEL84 class A ?

9/24/1997 8:56 AM
Re: Which preamp to match 2xEL84 class A ?
Sounds like a cool project. As far as the Cathodyene phase splitter, I built a 6v6 amp with that way (I wanted more saturation from the extra tube half). It sounded horrible if the phase splitter was overdriven, And sounded great after switching to a two tube phase splitter type.  
There could be a couple of reasons for this though: I may have just needed more headroom and 6v6's require more drive than el84's. I know the peavey classic 20(el84's) uses only one tube for the splitter, and that sounds quite good.  
Transformers: I have ordered Hammonds from Antique Electronics- I don't complain about the price. Sorry no address on me, but I have seen it on the web somewhere. peace, eth