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Re: True Vibrato varistors

8/30/1997 12:08 AM
Tony T
Re: True Vibrato varistors
The patent number is 2,988,706. D.L. Bonham is the name on the patent. It's dated June 13, 1961 and filed on October 29, 1958. VIBRATO CIRCUIT COMPRISING A BRIDGE HAVING NON-LINEAR IMPEDANCE ELEMENTS is the title. Can you belive it cost only $3.00 for a copy (all 5 pages) and it only took about a week to get it! Our federal government at work (U.S. States Department of Commerce, Patent and Trademark Office). The phone number is (703)305-8716 in Washington, D.C.  
Internet site is:  
If that's to much trouble I can fax you a copy on Tuesday. It's the least I can do for all the help you give us here, not to mention those awesome AC128 fuzz face boards I got from you back  
in June!

R.G. Thanks for the offer, but I'll just... -- 8/30/1997 5:57 AM